Ted Whisenhunt



Reading Rivers of Southern Appalachia


The abundant rivers & streams of Southern Appalachia have shaped the landscape and the visual culture of the areas they pass through leaving old signs and creating new ones that can be interpreted by those who learn to see them. I have been exploring these rivers and streams and learning to see them from new perspectives through the processes of documentation, experimentation, and interviews with people who regularly interact with these streams.


I intend to celebrate the rivers and streams of Southern Appalachia and highlight individuals who interpret and decode the often-overlooked visual cues embedded in these watersheds.  I hope to gain a better understanding of river signs, and to build community through my design practice and experimentation. By talking with others about their experiences and associations with rivers and streams, I become more aware of the many layers of information that can be “seen” or “unseen” to the casual passerby.


I observe and present this visual culture through the lens of a paddler, a citizen of this region, and a designer.