Jennifer Kapitulik

Pigments to Pixels: An Exploration of Color

Our relationship with and understanding of color is continually evolving personally and historically. Throughout time, philosophers, scientists, artists, and others have been trying to explain, organize, and codify colors. They sought to create color systems to promote the standardized language of color to enable accurate communication. The foundations of current Western color theory stem primarily from the Bauhaus tradition. Unfortunately, important aspects of the pedagogies have not been emphasized in modern education, largely omitting the spiritual and experiential aspects of color.

Through my research and experience, I have gained a holistic viewpoint of color. In addition, I identified and articulated two facets of my creative self that I utilize when creating art and design. My artistic side is intuitive and instinctual, drawing from inner spiritual guidance and curiosity. My designer mind utilizes a systematic approach driven by understanding the principles of engineering, geometry, and patterns. I have learned to embrace and harness these two seemingly opposing approaches to create more engaging art and design.

Jennifer Kapitulik is an artist and freelance graphic designer, living in Western Massachusetts.