Jon Wretlind

Truth and Beauty In an Artificial Age

What is Truly Beautiful?

We live in an age where almost everything seems to be artificial . We live on social media where we have largely superficial, if not completely artificial, relationships. We inhabit virtual worlds to escape our real lives via games and VR. We attend virtual online meetings with people we have never met in person. We create digital art with tools powered by artificial intelligence that look like “real” art, video or photography. We eat artificial food filled with artificial ingredients. We get paid with artificial, mostly digital currency rooted in nothing more than debt. Many people even have artificial relationships with AI-powered partners that risks the dangers of replacing true human relationships. Furthermore, we live in communities that are planned to mimic authentic communities, but are not, since they are designed for commerce and not conducive to true human connection – the base element of true community.

Our lives are engineered to be artificial — filled with counterfeits and deepfakes in order to pursue a consumer-driven agenda . It is hard to know what is authentic, what is true, and ultimately what is beautiful in the world since we cannot trust our senses to tell us any longer